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Merging of stock lending & OTC derivatives collateral management

Derivatives and Securities Finance businesses are clearly aligning. Both business areas are looking to mitigate their capital consumption and maximise the use of collateral. Driven by increased Initial Margin demands in the OTC space, some firms are aligning their collateral management functions in order to maximise optimisation and use of collateral, whilst leveraging Tri-Party processing efficiency. This […]

NSFR Impact Analysis – Mark Barnard

Implementation of the first tranche of funding ratios (LCR) was relatively painless. This potentially lulls us into a false sense of security when considering the next tranche – NSFR. Whilst LCR changed the funding profile of the industry, NSFR’s movement of the tenor of liquidity generation to greater than 6 or 12 months dependent upon […]

New Article: Trends & Challenges in Collateral Management

Simcorp asked David Field & Nick Stafford to write an article on the current trends and challenges in collateral management. Industry players tend to react too late to regulatory change, necessitating tactical and inefficient projects. For quite some time the focus for sell-side firms has been reducing costs, we see serious savings if steps are […]