Business operating model

Business operating model determines how the organisation will operate in order to implement strategy, by aligning people, process and technology, often on a global basis. If strategy is the what, operating model is the how. Starting by understanding your business strategy, the foundation of our approach is defining the target business processes. We accelerate operating model projects through our extensive library of process and functional models spanning the whole industry value chain.

Our delivery approach comprises 8 work-streams:

  • Understand your strategy, products and services
  • Target process model
  • Target functional model
  • Controls: preventive and detective
  • People: roles & responsibilities
  • Technology services and target architecture
  • Implementation roadmap: units of change, estimates and costs
  • Detailed business case

The Field Effect can help you quickly design how you want to operate through our deep expertise in clearing and collateral combined with proven tools and techniques, to secure stakeholder ownership quickly.

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