Consultancy Services

We started with a mission to bring business and technology together and, over the years, our team of consultants have worked on hundreds of change projects. Our services are primarily used in the Collateral & Clearing domain, but can be deployed in any sector of the Financial Services Industry.

Business strategy

TFE offers a fast-track approach to helping firms decide their response to changing regulatory, customer and competitor environments.

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Business operating model

Business operating model determines how the organisation will operate in order to implement strategy, by aligning people, process and technology, often on a global basis.

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Brexit and Securities Finance

At The Field Effect, we specialise in Target Operating Model design and can help you identify how process, function, data, technology, people, revenue, and controls work together in order to deal with the challenges ahead and accelerate the delivery of change. Brexit will clearly have wide ranging impacts on European and British financial institutions, firms have […]

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As the firm’s target state business operating model becomes clear, a strategic implementation road-map will be needed to support the budgeting and planning process.

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Strategic change initiatives are usually complex, hard to track and have a habit of delivering too little too late. Strong governance is essential yet often neglected.

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TFE-Modus: The strategic change imperative The old business models are dead. Revenues are challenged as spreads and fees narrow. Capital and leverage regulations are making whole business lines uneconomic. Unfortunately many firms still operate complex silo business operating platforms for a previous ere – platforms that are too expensive for the new world. Operating platforms […]

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