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Risk-Free Rate Transitioning plans

The Field Effect attended this year’s ICMA buy-side (AMIC) conference in London, where there was an active panel discussion on the use of Risk-Free Rates and the (L)IBOR transition.  The discussion centered on the need for firms to prepare now for the (L)IBOR transition in 2021 – for both new and legacy bond issuance, securitisation […]

Central banks call for an increase in trade data quality and coverage

Simon Davies – The new BIS / IFC report (here) on the use of captured derivatives transaction reporting to TRs and central banks from BIS, emphasises the need for increasing the quality of data reported. Financial Stability Board (FSB) jurisdictions feel that the data gathered on OTC and some exchange traded derivatives is good, but […]

Common Domain Model Frequently Asked Questions

Following the recent initiative from ISDA to develop and codify a Common Domain Model it seems that there is an opportunity to clarify and explain what a CDM may be and its possible uses. The FAQ document attached CDM FAQ_1 Nov Final is a preliminary look at a CDM and its potential application to the Securities Finance […]