At TFE we have reviewed the impact of SFTR on the industry operating model. We see 67 impacts and have categorised these into three key areas:

Whilst the drive is towards SFTR compliance, the business will need to know the impact on their trading activity and operating model, assessing the costs of implementation and on-going reporting. Additionally, there is an opportunity to build efficiency into processes and, with a view on data aggregation and usage, improve profitability.

We can create a tailored SFTR programme which includes:
  • Impact Analysis & Discovery
  • Solution Design
  • Roadmap
  • Business Case
  • Implementation
Coupled with TFE programme governance we can:
  • Meet the Regulatory Deadline
  • Minimise Programme Costs
  • Unlock Business Value

The timeline for implementation is aggressive, given the work required across multiple silo business areas with differing levels of maturity.

Click here to download our 2017 SFTR review