SFTR: Navigating the challenge

Following our breakfast event, sponsored by EquiLend and Trax, where we talked to firms about the impacts of the SFTR reporting requirements, we are pleased to announce the publication of our most recent whitepaper on SFTR and its impacts.

Our analysis shows that firms are missing up to 40% of the data that they are required to report and 60% of processes are impacted by the introduction of SFTR reporting – so companies require a wholesale rethink on what they do and how they do it.  Whilst the focus is on reporting and reconciliation of transactions, firms will need to review their processes to automate and standardise where possible and enhance controls to meet the requirements.

We give a detailed overview of the reporting requirements for firms, along with a review of some of the impacts on the target operating model, and how firms should be preparing for the start date – expected to be Q2, 2019.

With a year and half to go before the reporting requirement starts, firms need to accelerate their preparation and mobilisation of resources to be ready in time.  Are you ready?

Click here to download a copy, or contact us to discuss further.