Collateral vendor / utility selection

Firms of all types may need to consider investment in third party technology or services.

Vendor utility selection

Buy-side firms typically have little collateral infrastructure; many sell-side firms recognise their existing collateral technology is not fit for purpose; custodians may not have suitable collateral management technology for customer needs. Fortunately many new collateral management software vendors, service providers and industry utilities are emerging. Vendor selections must consider:

  • Key functional requirements described as user stories / use cases, with sample data.
  • Non-functional requirements such as performance, throughput, availability, and architectural agility.
  • Commercial considerations: not just price but terms of business, ease of contracting, track record, and skills availability.
  • Can services be outsourced (to broker, custodian or business process outsourcer)?
  • Can collateral industry utilities provide key components such as margin calculation, portfolio reconciliation, risk sensitivity recs, dispute management, CSA management, margin transit and tracking?
  • Who should be involved in the decision and how should objectivity be maintained?
  • How should solutions be scored and weighted?

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