Collateral utility on-boarding

Banks caught by BCBS/IOSCO regulations for margining non-cleared OTC derivatives must find a solution for initial margin calculation and dispute management. Several solutions are emerging, including industry-driven initiatives centred around AcadiaSoft and TriOptima, and commercial initiatives such as NetOTC.

On-boarding challenges

Whichever solution is chosen, banks must execute an efficient on-boarding project. Our approach covers:

  • Business impact assessment and business case creation
  • End-to-end program definition and design
  • Governance and third party coordination
  • Application architecture and data design
  • Re-alignment of business processes
  • Testing
  • Legal documentation re-papering
  • Systematic roll-out

TFE accelerates the on-boarding initiative, reducing project time, effort and risk through pre-developed tools and templates.

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