Liquidity Efficiency

Front to back businesses have procedural weaknesses prohibiting the ability to maximise the value contained within the asset side of the balance sheet. Financing desks need to structure their activities to complement the needs of their treasury departments.

Industry Challenges
  • Trapped liquidity not realised
  • Assets not maximised on balance sheet
  • Lack of collaboration with the Treasury desk
TFE Approach
  • Create a robust funding book strategy incorporating ALM, WAM, geographical and client considerations
  • Create a multi asset class group-wide liquidity and funding strategy
  • Enhance distribution ability of unencumbered assets
  • Enhance collateral management function to cover all group-wide exposures and collateral obligations
  • Develop and document solutions to monetise multi asset class esoteric assets
  • Devise asset / liability model per asset class
  • Design an off balance sheet liquidity buffer avoiding negative deposit rates
Liquidity Efficiency

Structured opportunities to increase liquidity generation and release trapped cash by in excess of 15 billion USD.

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